Estd. 1893


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School Code : 30134

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The fear of the Lord is the Begining of wisdom
  • Established in 1893 by Rev. John Firth, the first American Baptist Missionary who came to North Lakhimpur and started the school.
  • School in Six scres of land.
  • Toys and play materials and spacious play ground for students.
  • Medical care for students.
  • Qualified and experienced teaching staff.
  • Personal care and special attention given to each student
  • Moral and ethical teaching.
We Care for
Our Children
  • To provide opportunity and exposure to children to realise as well as exhibit their innate abilities and skill to become a good leader in their lives.
  • To help them realise their goals in life.
  • To provide encouragement to students to develop self learning habits.
  • To develop self motivation and attitute in students.
  • To make the students self dependent.
  • To instigate quest for learning withine students.
  • To sensitize the students towards the social and national issues.
  • To make the students active learners.
  • To develop the feeling of belongingness in students.
  • To make them realise the essentials of principles and values and to encourage them to make the values and principles as part of their character.
  • To inculcate creative skills.

Here is one aspect in which we are all definitely born equal. No one can inherit time or keep it in a bank to gather interest. So, do the things that can wait, and then do the urgent ones.

Although you have no time, you’ll always find time for things you’re really interested in the things you want to do. It is important to make routine chores – things you must do all the time habitant or even automatic. Start things on time for time saving. Don’t looser your time and you will be always seeking it.

Study on time, make it a habit and you’ll learn more in your life.


Rev. John Firth

Rev. John Firth was a missionary from The United States. He came to North Lakhimpur in 1893.

Rev. John Firth purchased a plot of land and started a lower primary school in 1893. His wife Mrs. Eva Webster Firth was a trained teacher and was looking after the school as the first principal.

To make holistic development of children in such a fashion that they become
competent, contemplative, skilled value oriented and progressive minded individuals.
  • 1.To organize various kinds of celebrations viz. Annual Function, Festival Celebrations, Sports Day, Merry Making Day etc.
  • 2.To plan and implement assembly activities keeping the objective in mind tp prepare the students for stage perormance, to develop communicationn skills, to share moral stories and latest information and to enhance the positive and healthy interactions between teachers and students.
  • 3.To assign self learning activities like assignments and projects.
  • 4.To conduct various competetions like elocution, recitation, essay writing, singing etc.
  • 5.To Provide opt motivation to students for sustenance of desired behaviour and skills in the form of prizes, awards and certificates.
  • 6.To impart the teaching of topics prescribed in syllabus with profund knowledge and with innovative ways.